Company Rental’s Policy

If you do have missing items upon return, you will be informed as soon as possible. If the missing items cannot be found or if we are unable to contact you or the person responsible within 48 hours of your specified return date, replacement fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. If any of the items can be located and returned within one week of your specified return date, we will refund the full amount. No refunds after one week. Repair fees for damaged items must be paid in full upon receipt of invoice. Damaged items that are considered un-rentable by Rising Star Events and Planning standards will be charged at full replacement value. Customer is responsible for the goods from the time of the pickup/delivery until items are returned to Rising Star Events and Planning store. Be sure that all equipment is secure and protected from weather while it is in your possession. We do charge for; soiled, broken, damages or missing items, including packaging materials. There will be an extra cleaning charge for any wax, excessive grease, ink and/or hard to remove stains on linens and fabrics.

Customer should inspect all items/equipment before an event. Customer further acknowledges receipt of all rental items/equipment listed on this Rental Agreement and that the rental items/equipment are in good working order. If items/equipment is not found to be in working order, Rising Star Events and Planning must be notified immediately for an exchange/refund. No refund will be given due to defect/failure if Customer does not give ample notice prior to the event. Do not attempt to repair/disassemble items/equipment. Charges will apply for broken/altered items/equipment. Customer is aware that some of the rental equipment is not brand new.

Responsibility for the rented items remains with the customer from the time of possession to the time of return. Additional fees are charged for damage and loss. All items should be secured and protected from the weather. Rental items may only be returned during normal business hours at time specified for return.

Lessee assumes all weather-related risks involved in holding an outdoor event. If tenting should become unusable due to high wind, rain, flooding or any other factor beyond lessee control, Lessee is responsible to evacuate tent immediately for safe shelter. Lessee shall still be liable for payment in full of all charges. No tents are guaranteed to be completely waterproof and are considered temporary shade structures.

We will assist customers in getting the equipment loaded and secured. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur during loading, transporting or unloading. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they are using a vehicle that can safely transport the equipment and have the means to secure it without damaging either vehicle or the equipment.

**Some items are not available for pick up and must be delivery only!**

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